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For students

Instant access to learning resources, apps and information about student services.

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For staff

Information to help you do your job including a directory of teams, locations and facilities.

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Essential applications

  • Email Email

  • Profile SIMS Online

  • Learning Central Learning Central

  • icon-librarysearch LibrarySearch

Guidance and resources

Study skills

Referencing, presentation skills, revision tips, note taking, essay writing, English language support.


Information about living in University residences and finding and living in private sector accommodation.


LibrarySearch, locations and opening times and librarian live chat.

Health and wellbeing

Counselling and wellbeing, occupational health services and emergency advice.

Exams and assessment

Preparing for exams, timetables, sitting your exam, getting feedback, results.

Careers and employability

Careers advice, fairs and events, work experience and job opportunities.

Useful tools

  • Office 365 Office 365

  • Directories Directories

  • core-hr HR System

  • Folder MyFiles

Support for your role

Your employment

Pay, pensions, benefits and expenses, contracts and redeployment.

Training and development

Mentoring, training courses and civic engagement opportunities.

Performance reviews

Performance development reviews, probation and academic promotions.

Staff recruitment

Hiring new staff, using casual and agency workers, and appointing teachers.

Teaching support

Getting student feedback, supporting learning, teaching support, guidance for staff who support students.

The Way Forward

Our progress, sub-strategies, implementation and plans for refreshing the strategy.