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50 Park Place

50 Park Place

CF10 3AT

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Accessibility information

The Student Support Centre is located at 50 Park Place.

There is level access along Park Place with dropped kerbs at the road crossings.

There are steps and a ramp leading to the main entrance of Student Services.There are 5 steps leading to the entrance door. The ramp is shallow with 2 flat resting areas in between 3 short ramps (gradients of 1/14, 1/9 and 1/14).There are handrails along both sides of the ramp and the door into Student Services is automatic.

The Student Services reception counter is low and has a knee space for wheelchair users. The reception desk is fitted with an induction loop to help people with a hearing impairment. To utilise the loop, please use the 'T' setting on your hearing device.

The doors leading to consultation rooms are automated with a touch pad. There are various seats and spaces in the waiting area.

The accessible toilet is located by the entrance, to the right, by the stairs.The door is very light to open and is 800mm wide.

There is no lift in 50 Park Place, but all services are offered on the ground floor. The stairs have a handrail on one side and the edges of each step show good visual contrast.


Pay and display on-street parking is available all along Park Place.

Blue Badge holders can park here free of charge. There are designated Blue Badge parking areas along Park Place.


The emergency exit route is clearly labelled throughout the building (green running man signs). Please familiarise yourself with the emergency exit route. The assembly point in the event of an emergency evacuation is outside the front of the building.

If you think you might require assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation, you must arrange a Personalised Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) as soon as possible. Students must contact their School Disability Contact to arrange a PEEP. Staff must contact their School / Division Disability Contact or manager to arrange a PEEP. Please remember that it is your responsibility to inform the relevant person that you require a PEEP to be set up.

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